About Balmy Acres.

Together for over 25 years, Jim and Angela Balmes have followed their hearts and dreams to build and maintain Balmy Acres, a 50 acre horse farm and boarding facility located in Middleboro Massachusetts.

Angela's passion for APHA horses coupled with her husband Jim's business savvy provides a solid foundation for a balanced facility. Angela possess a lifetimes worth of knowledge in all facets of horsemanship: care, ownership, instruction, showing and riding. Jim has an extensive background in business including the following skills: mechanics, carpentry, and all aspects of barn construction, repair and maintenance. The two have literally built Balmy Acres from the ground up!

That is also their premise in breeding top quality horses that have the "goods" to back up as performers, whether in the show pen or on the trails. So with tried and true foundation breeding crossed with today's top performance bred bloodlines, Balmy Acres horses are known for their beauty, outstanding conformation and balance, good minds and fluid gaits.

"There is no sacrificing quality by focusing on only one facet or characteristic of our Paint Horses, but rather combining correctness and eye appeal from a great foundation."

Balmy Acres