Speaking Of Angels

"I have named him, Speaking Of Angels, in honor of you and many others who have come to his aid, and are his angels" As you know, times are tough for many, and unfortunately, so may people have found themselves in a financial hardship. Because of this, many horse owners have had to make decisions to sell or give up, and even abandon their horses. The United States no longer slaughters horses for meat, HOWEVER, there is a huge demand for horse meat overseas, and Canada and Mexico have thriving slaughter houses willing to supply the horse meat market. Many horses who end up in auctions in the U.S., inevitably end up being bought up by dealers who trailer the horses into Canada and Mexico to make their money. These animals are stuffed in overcrowded, filthy stock trailers with sick, injured and other suffering horses. Thankfully, there are some incredible rescue organizations who have committed themselves and their time to rescuing as many of these animals as they can. The little appaloosa colt was featured on a rescue website with numerous other horses who desperately need financial aid for veterinary care, food, shelter and to be able to find a safe home. He had caught my eye, not because he was the most beautiful horse I had ever seen, but because I had a gut-wrenching "feeling" that he was something special. I remember mentioning him to my husband first. Basically, he said if I didn't go looking, I wouldn't have to worry. Yeah, out of sight, out of mind...it's easy to turn a blind eye! But I couldn't get the horse off my mind. Then, a few weeks later, I mentioned him to some of the boarders in the barn. It wasn't the first time I had contemplated taking in a rescue. I had been looking at miniatures horses on the same website. But the colt had "something" about him.....just a gut feeling I kept getting. I have spent a lifetime involved with and committed to horses. They have been a part of my life, and have given me so much enjoyment and pleasure. For years, I have spent countless hours in the saddle, and an amount of money than I don't care to admit on showing expenses. And for the last several years, I have put showing aside to concentrate on building our farm Balmy Acres as a business, and take time for family. And, as I have enjoyed continuing my passion for horses at Balmy Acres, my husband and I have been fortunate to have not succumbed to a fragile economy. Maybe I say this for justification, but in my heart, I feel like I owe a part of myself to these animals I hold so dear. Maybe, I'm just nuts. So, I kept mentioning how "this colt has caught my eye", and "I can't stop thinking about him". And, it just so happened that one of my boarders who is a constant presence on the Equinesite Bulletin Board, told me that she had seen on a post on the "BB" that this colt had been "bailed out" by a fellow "BB poster", and had found a home. Whew! Good! One less to get off my mind! Why do I need another one anyways!? Right!?

WRONG. A few days later, my boarder informed me that the person who would be taking the colt, backed out. The colt had strangles. And he now needed to be placed in quarantine. I certainly could not take him here at Balmy Acres! I had a mare due to foal any day, and I couldn't take any chances! BUT, if I could get him into quarantine for 30 days to recuperate, I might be able to work something out! Once again, I couldn't get the colt off my mind! My boarder offered to post the fact that I was willing to give him a home if money for quarantine could be raised. I asked her to wait until I spoke with my husband. I needed his blessing before she posted anything on the BB! I made a phone call, and asked Jim if he would agree to "allow" me to rescue a colt IF funds could be raised for his care and quarantine for the next 30 days. Well, the answer was not NO, so of course, I took it as a YES. "Okay, PROCEED!" And so she did. Within hours, I got a call from my boarder, "Funds have been raised!" People I had never met or spoken to, people I know, and from all over New England, saw the posts on the chat board, chipped in, and paid for the colt's quarantine expenses! I was overwhelmed, and blown away by the generosity of so many! And those who know me well, know I NEVER ask for money from anybody, so this was very humbling! I knew that this colt's future expenses could add up to an astronomical amount due to the fact I had no idea why he had ended up in the auction in the first place. He had been sick with strangles, was an intact colt, and needed regular vaccinations, worming, floating, farrier care, etc.. What other "issues" would I be dealing with? So, I truly appreciated the financial aid so many people had And then, his story spread. And more and more people contributed to his "rescue fund". Once again, my boarder got busy on-line tracking down an equine shipper to transport him as soon as his quarantine was complete. It still is "sinking in" how amazing people can be And so, the colt FINALLY arrived to a group of friends at Balmy Acres! He had definitely gained weight during his quarantine, and didn't look so obviously thin. His winter coat was starting to fall off in matted clumps. Upon further inspection, his mane was loaded with lice and strange black flies darted in and out of his fur. I was prepared for the worse, and de-loused him and his stall repeatedly. I curried the appreciative colt, and almost immediately, his coat seemed to sparkle. I couldn't stand looking at his ratty mane, so I shortened and thinned it. "He is truly a good looking horse", I thought. With every stroke of the brush, this little horse started to shine all over. His disposition was of the calmest demeanor, and he certainly did not act like a stallion. With each day passing, this young horse looks healthier and brighter. His future will be secure, and I think he knows this. I find it incredible that he is so trusting of people, because his former situation was a direct result of "people"! The colt was gelded, nick-named, "HALO", and his training at Balmy Acres started immediately. From basic in hand work, to line-driving, and NOW under saddle and showing, Halo has taken to everything he has been introduced to with such confidence and trust! "He's AMAZING!", is often heard repeated by so many people who have watched his progress. He never ceases to amaze me! He fears nothing, perhaps because he already faced fear itself...I don't know. I just feel that he appreciates his life here at Balmy Acres, and has become an ambassador of sorts. I don't think Halo is the last rescue I'll ever take on. He has opened a new chapter in my life, and many others! So, when you stop to visit Balmy Acres, please say "hello" to "Halo", and know that we can make a difference even if it's in a small way! In the end, it all adds up!

Halo in New Holland before he found his new home at Balmy Acres.

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Halo's first show seasons

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